Statewide Final Expense Leads

Our Real-Time Statewide Final Expense Leads are requesting a LIVE QUOTE for Affordable Life Insurance Coverage from a licensed agent. These Leads provide their requested Coverage Amount with every submission.

High Intent Ad Copy

Tele-Quote leads are State Regulated Final Expense Leads which clearly indicate an affordable, Low Cost Burial Program available their state. Each lead is prompted to give their contact information to receive a LIVE Quote from a Licensed Representative. 

More Inbound Calls

TTC Tele-Quote Leads are designed to trigger more inbound calls at no additional cost. On Tele-Quote Ads, we encourage them to call in for a live quote right on the Ad and in the comments of the Ad . At every step of the process, we give them the option to call you! We’ve tested them all. TTC leads have the Highest percentage of inbound calls than any other digital vendor.


Fastest Delivery

Since our TeleQuote Leads Are generated State Wide, this gives us a larger audience to advertise to. The bigger the audience, the more ads we can run. The more ads we can run, the faster we generate your leads. Some agents receive full orders in less than 24 hours!

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Statewide Final Expense Leads

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