Leads that qualify for replacement

In accordance to our Lead Purchase Agreement; all Replacement Requests must be submitted within 72 hours from the time of your delivery email. 

Please note: Only one replacement request per order.

Due to Logistics, If you have 3 leads or less that qualify we will credit you on your next order. In order to receive replacements on your current order you must have 4 or more leads that qualify.

Leads that Qualify:

  • Lead is over 50 miles from your selected purchase location.

  • over 85 years old

  • Lead lives in a different State.

  • Disconnected number combined with PO BOX.

Leads that don’t Qualify:

  • If your lead is a replaced lead, we will not replace it.

  • Lead that is within 50 miles

  • language barrier 

  • If your lead has only one “bogus” category (for example; if your lead has a disconnected number but a full address, we will not replace it.)

Please email leads@tipstricksandclosers.com for your lead replacements.